A white-washed anniversary get-away

IT IS also known as Marinduque’s Elephant Island. Bellarocca is an island resort characterized by white-painted buildings and villas that has the look (and supposedly feel) of the famous Greek island of Santorini.


My family went to Santorini, I mean Bellarocca, to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary in December 2011 (almost exactly a year ago). It is an idyllic, picture-perfect place for a family vacation. It is the perfect place if your idea for a vacation is to lie down lazily under the sun or dip the whole day in the pool or in the sea while sipping margarita.

For the more adventurous and action-seeking bakasyonistas, there are some water-sports activities being offered. You can circumnavigate the entire island on kayaks (as we did), or try wind surfing, if you have the skill and fitness to do so (it is not as easy as it looks). If you are big on golf, you can play the full 18-hole course across the island (in the main island of Marinduque). But other than than there’s no much else to do in Bellarocca.

As usual, my ex-girlfriend took lots of photos. If you want to have a preview of Bellarocca before actually going there, you are welcome to check out some of our photos. Click on the links below to view our Bellarocca photo albums:

<Bellarocca photo album 1>

<Bellarocca photo album 2>

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