Not just another chicken house

WITH SEVERAL restaurants and fast food chains offering chicken as their primary specialty, is there a room for one more?

Apparently the people behind The Chicken Rice Shop think so. And I think I can agree with them.

All their chicken dishes – Hainanese, roast, barbecue – are very good. Their non-chicken dishes are winners, too (e.g., tofu on teriyaki sauce). For dessert their local version of iced kachang (famous Malaysian/Singaporean version of the Philippines’ equally famous halu-halo) is a must try.

I did not quite like their brewed coffee, however. I find it too strong for my liking. But maybe other people would prefer it that way.

I know of only one The Chicken Rice Shop location – the one in Harbor Square in CCP Complex. I am not sure if there are other branches although I am guessing that there are.

The Chicken Rice Shop appears to be owned and operated by the same group behind Pancake House. I say this only because I saw a sign of the Orange Card which I associate with Pancake House.


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