Infatuated with the iPad Mini; Drooling over the iPhone 5.

I GOT to touch and hold both the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 earlier this week, courtesy of my boss, Ed Delgado, who just bought his new “toys” in Singapore over the weekend.

The iPad Mini is so much lighter than expected. I knew all along it will be a lot lighter than the previous iPads (I have both the original iPad and the second generation iPad 2) but I didn’t expect it to be extremely light! Gee, it’s almost as light as my first-gen iPhone!

While in Singapore on November 8 Ed texted me to say that he just bought his new 16GB iPad Mini (WiFi) for just US375 and offered to buy one for me if I was interested.

“I’ll pass,” I promptly texted back. I knew that the iPad Mini is great but I’m eyeing to get the new iPhone 5 instead. At the back of my mind, however, there was a lingering doubt on whether I made the right decision or not.

Later that same day I casually told my xGF about my SMS exchange with Ed. “You should have asked him to buy one – FOR ME!” she boomed! And she wasn’t smiling. By then I knew for sure  why I had lingering doubts about my decision to demure on Ed’s kind offer earlier. Regrets, regrets…


BUT as I’ve noted earlier, my mind is locked on to the iPhone 5. And I’ve always been single-minded on things that I set myself to accomplish or acquire, even when my single-mindedness gets me into trouble at times.

Let’s just say I’m infatuated with the iPad Mini. But it is just a crush, not enough motivation for me to act on it. It’s like looking at a gorgeous, voluptuous lady. I’m okay to just stare. That’s as far as I can get to do anyway, haha.

The iPhone 5 is a different story. If I sigh in admiration upon touching the iPad Mini, I drool all over on the prospect of owning the iPhone 5. If I’m okay to just look at and touch the iPad Mini, I MUST have the iPhone 5.

At the end of the day, however, I still have to figure out how and where to acquire an iPad Mini the soonest to appease my xGF. I have a feeling that my prospect of getting my iPhone 5 depends heavily on it.


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