Cute Extreme Climber

I JUST thought I would share this. This lady climber is such a beauty to behold. She’s not only cute, she seems to be a very serious and a very proficient climber, as well. But what I like most about her is that she doesn’t seem to have those over-developed muscles – common among some lady climbers – that can make Arnold Schwarzenegger feel insecure. She’s still very much huggable. :)

Maybe somebody can recognize her and tell me her name. I’m a fan.

I no longer remember when, where, an how I got this photo. I serendipitously found it in one of my file archives. My re-discovery of it has inspired me to look forward to climbing again, and soon, if possible.

She doesn’t and probably won’t ever know it, but this cute lady climber may have already provided me with enough inspiration to achieve my goal to be back hiking again and making my first summit within a year from my dirt bike accident.*

Even as I write this blog post I am already working with a group of kindred spirits to arrange and schedule my first climb since my accident. We’re eyeing late November or mid-December.

‘Twill be a minor climb, no doubt, considering that I haven’t climbed for almost a year already plus the fact that I am still, strictly speaking, on recovery mode. ‘Twill be a huge milestone for me, nevertheless, considering that my April accident broke my left tibia and fibula into several pieces. It is actually a miracle that I am already walking again now.

For our minor climb we’ll probably do one of the 200-300 MASL peaks within the horizon of Metro Manila, with a difficulty level of just 1 or 2. It will not be a technical climb, definitely. Just basic hike. A day hike, of course. No tents. No sleepovers. Hike to the summit, enjoy the view, eat lunch, hike down. Just the way I like it.


* I had a freak accident on my dirt bike during one of my weekend trail riding trips last April. More on this in a separate blog post soon.


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