Laughter and Gossip at Tapella. And food, too.

I haven’t been doing much of FOOD blogging for quite some time now. In fact I haven’t been doing much of ANY blogging at all since November last year. Time to break the dry spell. And what better subject to break a dry spell than food?

On Sept 28 I had a dinner date with five ladies at Tapella in Greenbelt 5. They are former colleagues of mine and I call them the xACIS ladies. Of course one of them happens to be my xGF, too.


We try to do this – dine and exchange notes – at least once a month, albeit in reality we manage to do it at most once a month.

It’s an occasion I’ve grown to look forward to. And why not? These dinners with the xACIS ladies are almost always characterized by laughter (mirth), exchange of news and ideas (gossip), and of course good food (binge-ng).

The food at Tapella is excellent but quite pricey. Unfortunately (for me), it was my turn to take the bill.


In the photo: My dates (left to right): Marie, Julie Joy, Liezl, Anniepie, and Rosalie.

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