A chilly day in Pagudpud

Day 2 of our Nov 26-28 Ilocos Norte family vacation.

Pagudpud Family Outing (Day 2)IT was a gloomy day on our first full day in Pagudpud on November 27. It was raining the whole morning and the wind was chilly cold.

By 10am Kuya Mike and I decided to scout around “Blue Lagoon” to find alternative eating places. Having eaten dinner and breakfast in exactly the same corner of the cafeteria/restaurant of Hannah’s Hotel and Resort, we were eager to try something different, more “local,” and less expensive.

Father and son team of Alex and Rafael decided to join us and the big boys went for an all-boys adventure with the Innova. There was a light but very cold drizzle when we left Hannah’s.

It was a misadventure, it turned out.

Blue Lagoon Beach in Pagudpud

We reached what seemed to be the “end of civilization” in Blue Lagoon without finding a viable alternative to Hanna’s restaurant. At least there was no place that would meet the girls’ standard, that is.

We decided to turn around and go back when we noticed that the road has already narrowed down considerably.

Hannah's Swimming Pools

Just when we saw a wide enough clearing to maneuver back, the Innova’s front right wheel fell on a ditch. With hardly any tool and nobody to rescue us, we had to dig deep into our McGyver skills to extricate the Innova. We did extricate the Innova alright, but only after about half an hour of trial and error in the rain.

We went back to Hannah’s all drenched, muddied, and half naked.

A View from the PotUnder the circumstances there was nothing else to do but go to the beach, the rain and chilly wind notwithstanding.

And that’s exactly what we did, with the girls, the kids, and the grannies in tow, of course.

As it turned out our little all-boys “misadventure” was a blessing in disguise as it paved the way for us to “salvage” what seemed to us like a “wasted day” just a few hours ago that chilly morning in Pagudpud. After a fun and teeth-rattling hour or two at the beach we even managed to try out the swimming pools of Hannah’s including the big “cooking pot” pool with a splendid view of the entire “Blue Lagoon” cove.

Here’s a slideshow of our photos during our day 2 in Pagudpud. If the slideshow doesn’t immediately play you may have to refresh your browser (sorry about that…probably a browser compatibility issue).


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