Super Weird But Kinda Cool Hotel Rooms!

HAVE you ever been to a hotel where the rooms look kinda odd? And by “odd” I mean any sorts of odd — crazy odd, creepy odd, surreal odd, watta effing odd, etc.

I am yet to try one myself. If and when I have the opportunity I would like to try some really weird hotel rooms, like those below.


For starters, here’s a creepy one. Will I sleep in this hotel room? Perhaps the better question to ask is, “Can I sleep in this hotel room?”


And how about this one? No dudes, it is not one of those favorite rooms of yours in Sta. Mesa, Manila. This one has way too many mirrors, don’t you think?


Marielle and Johan would probably want to try this next hotel room. But I am worried that they will be sucked into the Cartoon world. I’d rather have them by my side than watch them in Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network!


I haven’t made up my mind if I would like to try this next one. Looks disorientingly boring to me. Don’t you think so too?

Check out more weird hotel rooms through this link:

World Weirdest Hotel Rooms!

If you know of any hotel with weird rooms or if you’ve recently tried one, do let me know in the comment section below.


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