Have you seen, or heard of, Shadow Art?

Does anyone know what shadow art is? Have you actually seen one?

I’ve seen some via the Internet recently, and it immediately aroused my curiosity. Here are some amazing Shadow Art creations.

Are they even real? I don’t know about you but they look real to me. If your super keen detective eyes spot a detail that doesn’t add up, do let me know, okay?

I am curious about Shadow Art because it is something that most people – myself included – may actually manage to do. Basing on the above photos it seems that the only real investments to this new art form is a reliable light source that can be focused, loads of odds and ends, and lots of time to kill.

Click here to see more from where the above Shadow Art works came from. If you know of other Websites featuring other Shadow Art works, please let me know via the comment section below.

This third photo I am featuring here is almost impossible to believe!

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