Flamboyant squirrels in Siloso Beach

ONE of the less known attractions in Singapore’s Sentosa Island is Siloso Beach. That it is not well known is quite understandable considering that Singapore is not exactly a beach destination. Nevertheless, Siloso Beach is a surprisingly beautiful beach with an unusual backdrop: oil tankers and huge freight ships.

OH, and Siloso Beach has a number of other pleasant surprises, too. Just take for instance these couple of playful squirrels that I fancied taking photos of during a leisurely outdoor breakfast.

These squirrels seem to have completely lost their people shyness. They actually ventured to join us for breakfast in our table.

At first I thought it was a single squirrel I was snapping photos of. Until this “single” squirrel started appearing in two or three different locations too far apart for one squirrel to have managed to cover in a split second. Unless squirrels have managed to secretly obtain Star Trek’s “Beam me up, Scotty” technology.

I had fun taking photos of these two squirrels or maybe there were really three of them. Or four. They seemed to have had fun posing for me, too.

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