Around Sentosa, part 2 of 3

MAY 30, 2011, SINGAPORE – On the 3rd day of our Singapore Family vacation we explored the many attractions of Sentosa (exclusive of Universal Studios Singapore and Resort World Sentosa). Several years ago I used to tell friends that Singapore is so small you can visit all its attractions in just two days. That’s not true anymore (and I am eating my words!). Now you need a full week, maybe even 10 days, to explore all that Singapore has to offer. The people running tourism in Singapore are amazing. They are able to offer more with whatever little piece of real estate they have. I hope I can say the same for the Philippines in the not so distant future.


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Many Faces, One Story Museum

Johan doesn’t like museums.  He finds the generally dark display rooms/chambers and the old and lifeless artifacts creepy.

Marielle, on the other hand, loves museums, relishing on all the oddities and interesting objects on display. At her young age I am quite surprised that she has a real interest in history.

In Sentosa’s Many Faces One Story museum we had to strike a compromise. Johan and his mom had to breeze through to the exit while me and Marielle would take our time inside.

The museum is an attempt to showcase the rich and multi-cultural origins of Singapore through life-size dioramas. By this measure the museum is doing a great job. Again, I can’t help but wish that we have something like this in the Philippines. Sure we have the National Museum which boasts of a quite impressive collection of artifacts showcasing the diverse culture and colorful peoples of the Philippines. Still our museum managers can learn a lot from the museum managers of Singapore. One only needs to visit both museums to understand what I mean.

Click here or on the accompanying photo to view photo gallery of all our photos inside and outside Sentosa’s Many Faces One Story museum.


Sentosa’s Merlion

I need to distinguish Sentosa’s Merlion from the official Merlion monument of Singapore because these are not one and the same.

The official Singapore Merlion monument and landmark is located in Merlion Park facing Marina Bay whereas Sentosa’s Merlion is, of course, located inside Sentosa island.

The official Singapore Merlion monument is also just about 9 meters tall.  Sentosa’s Merlion is towering at 37 meters tall, and is actually a mini museum of sorts.

It wasn’t my first time to visit Sentosa’s Merlion and neither was my ex-exgirlfriend’s. But it was for the kids so of course we could not NOT visit it, if only to take photos.

We took photos inside and on top of the Merlion, as well as along Merlion Walk, or what’s left of it. I distinctly recall from distant memory that the colorful Merlion walk used to stretch both behind and in front of the Merlion. Now, there’s only the one behind. In front of the Merlion is now the Resort World Sentosa complex, including the Singapore Universal Studios.

Click here or on the accompanying photo to view photo gallery of all our photos inside, on top, and around Sentosa’s Merlion.


The Luge

Among the many attractions we visited in Singapore in general and in Sentosa in particular, the Luge is the one that caught Johan‘s interest the most, so much so that he would insist on doing it again even after we’ve already left Sentosa and all the way to when we were already back to PH. Marielle wasn’t too thrilled.

The Luge is a downhill ride on gravity-powered karts. Now you know why Johan is nuts about it.

Johan went right ahead followed by his mom who was desperately trying to keep up worried that he might crash at every  turn. Strangely enough I wasn’t worried about Johan at all. I guess it’s a boy thing. Although the downhill track is quite steep and with many treacherous twists and turns, I instinctively knew that Johan not only could handle it but would be having a great time.

For my part I had to ride beside Marielle who was too tense her kart would stop every few inches. I was actually more worried that karters behind us would crash on us as we were obstructing their path.

When Marielle and I finally reached the bottom and end of the track Johan and mom were there waiting for us. Johan was smiling from ear to ear, and quipped “Can we do it again?  Pleeeease?!” to which Marielle quickly retorted in an equally adamant voice, “Nooo way! Never again.”

The Luge ride starts where the Sky Rider, which we boarded early that day, ends. It ends at the bottom of the hill where the Sky Rider ride starts. So at approximately 6PM we were back where we started earlier that day.


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