Around Sentosa – part 1 of 3

MAY 30, 2011, SINGAPORE – On the 3rd day of our Singapore Family vacation we explored the many attractions of Sentosa (exclusive of Universal Studios Singapore and Resort World Sentosa). Several years ago I used to tell friends that Singapore is so small you can visit all its attractions in just two days. That’s not true anymore (and I am eating my words!). Now you need a full week, maybe even 10 days, to explore all that Singapore has to offer. The people running tourism in Singapore are amazing. They are able to offer more with whatever little piece of real estate they have. I hope I can say the same for the Philippines in the not so distant future.


Going back to our Sentosa adventure, it was a full and fast-paced day for us, starting at about 10 AM until 10 PM, with hardly any real rest in between. Below are the major attractions we visited.


Sky Rider

We started the day with the Sky Rider. I don’t know exactly how to describe the Sky Rider. I would say it is a cross between a cable car and a zip line. It looks very much like those that they use in ski lodges that we see in Western movies. It is bare open so it offers the sensation of flying or floating in the air. And because it is bare open it is also a lot more scary. And unlike in a regular enclosed cable car where you can move around, in the sky rider your movement is very much restricted which makes you feel very helpless. The scare factor is amplified even more whenever the forward motion comes to a sudden halt while you are up there in mid-air and you swing a bit back and forth. Definitely not for acrophobics and the faint of heart. It offers, however, a great and unique view of Sentosa’s many different attractions down below.

Click here or at the accompanying photo above to view the full photo gallery of our Sky Rider adventure.


CineBlast: Sentosa’s Virtual Attractions

From the Sky Rider we went straight to Sentosa’s CineBlast virtual attractions starting with Desperado, an interactive wide-screen video game where we got to simulate horse-back riding while shooting at bad guys in the tradition of Hollywood’s Wild Wild West.


From Desperado we hopped right into a virtual log ride in Extreme Log Ride. It is my most extreme Roller Coaster Ride to date, except that it was not a real roller coaster ride. If it was I would not have survived it.  Nobody could.


Lastly we had another 4D movie treat in 4D Magix, featuring Pirates. Again we got spat at, splashed on, crawled over by invisible insects, etc.

The kids had a blast! Ok, ok I admit I had a blast, too.


Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom

Sentosa’s Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is the biggest butterfly and insect parks my family has visited to date. Their insect museum is very impressive with its gargantuan collection of butterfly and beetle species.

It proved to be a very educational tour for Marielle and Johan.

Click here or at the accompanying photo above to view the full photo gallery of our visit to Sentosa’s Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom.


Sentosa Nature Discovery

I wanted very much to do this but we simply did not have that much time to spare. The Sentosa Nature Discovery is a walking tour on elevated walkways going deep into the middle of the forest to get an intimate feel of the biodiversity inside the lush rainforest. If you are lucky you may even make some close encounters with weird and rarely seen forest creatures.

The walking tour requires at least an hour to complete and that’s already fast. With kids in tow and still several other attractions to go to before the day ends we had to forgo the walking tour and just explore the mini-museum by the entrance.

Note to self:  Do this in my next opportunity to visit Singapore.

Click here or at the accompanying photo above to view the full photo gallery of our visit to the entrance of Sentosa Nature Discovery.


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