A Taste of the ‘Suite Life’

MY FAMILY had a taste, albeit briefly, of the “suite life” one weekend in July 2011.  It was July 9, a day after Marielle’s 8th birthday.

About a month from that particular weekend my sister Kiddo gave us a Gift Certificate for an overnight stay in Peninsula Hotel Manila.  She didn’t know what she was giving away.  It was not for an ordinary room.  It was for a Premium Suite. We decided to use it on the weekend following July 8, Marielle’s birthday.

We did not stay in the Premium Suite, however.  Guess what?  We’ve been upgraded to an Executive Suite!!!  Holly molly wow!

Of course curiosity got the better of us and even while still in Manila Pen, using Manila Pen’s complimentary Super fast Wi-Fi, we googled the rates of Manila Pen’s rooms.

The original Premium Suite costs at least PhP 14,000+++ per room night.  Wow. But wait, we didn’t stay in a Premium Suite, remember?  So how much does an Executive Suite cost?

At least PhP 20,500+++.  WOW!!!  Even if we could afford it, and we couldn’t, we would not have paid for that room.  Thanks a lot, Kiddo!  We love you oh so very much. :)

PS>  View the complete set of our Manila Pen photos in my Picasa Web Album.


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One thought on “A Taste of the ‘Suite Life’

  • October 6, 2011 at 5:31 pm

    Looks like your kids really enjoyed their stay :) How did your sister got one? I want one also. hehe


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