A taste of Brazil!

(This posting is delayed by almost half a year.  I kinda lost the photos, and then found them recently when I was doing housekeeping on my old white MacBook.)

FOR our 10th anniversary dinner date my xxGF treated me to Brazil, Brazil in Serendra – Bonifacio Global City.

I had a great time and, shortly thereafter, indigestion from over eating.  It’s nothing new really.

Brazil, Brazil was a unique eat-all-you-can experience for me.  The waiters/waitresses kept on coming back with various freshly grilled meat, sausages, and what have you. There were so many varieties I could no longer remember any of them.

For those who (like us) love to try new dining places I highly recommend you try Brazil, Brazil at least once.  If you are a carnivore and a big eater (who isn’t) you’ll definitely love the place.  The price is surprisingly reasonable, too.  I’d say way below my expectation.



Our Anniversary Dinner Date Details:

  • Date:  Dec 8, 2010
  • Venue:  Brazil, Brazil Serendra BGC
  • Total Bill:  1,495.63
  • Breakdown:
    • Weekdays Buffet 2 x 576.52 = 1,153.04
    • Calamansi Juice = 85.00
    • Watermelon Shake = 135.00
    • 10% service charge

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