Cool Stuff: Animal Behind for Ref Magnet

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MY xGF and I have a confession to make. We always seek for the best bargain of ref magnets every time we travel.  And why not?  We have a handful of friends who are nuts for ref magnets.

I suspect that there are much more than our handful of friends who collect ref magnets.  I think a lot of Filipinos are judging from the refrigerator doors I’ve checked out on several houses.

Or maybe this desire to collect ref magnets possibly even goes beyond the Filipino psyche.  It can possibly be a global phenomenon.  It is probably the child inside each one of us that desire to decorate the refrigerator door with colorful and interesting stuff from different places we’ve been to.

Which brings me to why I am writing this blog post.

I stumbled upon this great new idea for ref magnets.  Instead of animal faces, why not animal behinds?  It’s funny and it also gives the illusion that the miniature animals actually have their heads inside the fridge.  And who knows what they are up to in there? Perhaps they are already feasting on the veggies.  Or the 6-pack of ice-cold SanMig Light that I am saving for the weekend. Oh no!

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