Resort-Hopping in Mactan Island. Second Stop: Plantation Bay

FOR the second stop of our family’s 2-nights-and-2-days resort-hopping in Cebu we went to Plantation Bay.

My xxGF and I first visited Plantation Bay in 2000, right after we terminated our “going steady” relationship and went “permanent.”  No we did not have our honeymoon in Plantation Bay.  We just dropped by for some refreshments.

Fast-forward 2011.  The Plantation Bay I saw in 2000 impressed me a lot, so I had very high expectations when I finally got to visit it again in February this year.

As usual, notwithstanding our very short stay in Plantation Bay we still managed to take lots and lots of photos.  Here’s a slideshow of our Plantation Bay photos.  To view individual photos please check out My Picasaweb Photo Album.

On one hand, Plantation Bay is still a very nice resort with lots to offer to a vacationing family like ours.  Marielle and Johan thoroughly enjoyed walking around the sprawling resort.  We took hundreds of photos and most of them turned out quite nice.

On the other hand, I have to say that I was a bit disappointed.

First of all, Plantation Bay looks and feels old.  Well, it is old so I guess it is not fair that I would expect it to look and feel otherwise.

The swimming pools and half of the lagoons are not as inviting as I hoped them to be.  I guess it goes back to the fact that the place is old.  In one of the swimming pools we checked out, we’ve sensed the unmistakeable stench of tobacco.  Our kids happen to have very keen sense of smell and tobacco is one of those odors they can’t seem to tolerate.

Lastly, everything seems incongruently expensive.  We don’t mind splurging and spending good money for our kids from time to time but at the back of our mind there’s always that hidden calculator that buzzes whenever it senses that we are paying for something that doesn’t seem worth it.  You know what I mean?

All things considered I sill think that visiting Plantation Bay was a not a bad decision.  At least our kids experienced it while it still has some good experiences to offer.

And I don’t mean to discourage others from visiting it either.  Perhaps the little things that disappointed me just got amplified because of my expectations anchored on my first visit more than 10 years ago.  Go ahead and experience Plantation Bay for yourself.  Then let’s exchange notes.


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