Trip to Sinai Peninsula (A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land)

We spent the rest of the afternoon of our 2nd day in Egypt traveling by bus to the Sinai Peninsula. Egypt, being 90+ percent desert, offers little attractions for sight seeing along its long, dry, dreary, and featureless highways.  It’s all sands, sandbars, and the occasional Bedouin shelters.

You doze off for half an hour and wake up with the confused feeling that you haven’t moved an inch, or that possibly you are travelling in circles. The landscape is monotonous and uniform.

Nevertheless there are a few exceptions.  The Suez Canal is a welcome abberation to the God-forsaken landscape. And then we stopped by a Biblical landmark — the 12 wells and 70 palm trees where Moses stopped by in a place called Elim (Exodus 15:27) — near the coast of the Red Sea. There are still several palm trees in the ancient oasis but there are now only three wells left, at least that’s how many I counted. And the water in the remaining wells is no longer potable.

Map of Sinai Peninsula
Map of Sinai Peninsula

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