“Good Grammar Is No Good”

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I’m going to be fried alive by some people I know just by posting this.  But this anti-thesis to good grammar isn’t only intriguing.  The arguments are, surprisingly, compelling enough to warrant at least some serious contemplation.

Before going any further (and getting threatened with bodily harm) a DISCLAIMER is in order:  I DID NOT SAY THAT.  Somebody else did in an online article (a professional writer and an English major, mind you) and I just paraphrased the title.

I won’t go through the details (you can read the full article yourself), but here’s the gist:

1) Grammar is dynamic. Rules are to be broken.

2) Typos maek us human.

3) Perfect writing is the result of demented, perfectionist thinking. (Now that’s way too harsh, don’t you think?)

4) Focus on shipping (translation: focus on getting people to read what you write)

Read the full article:  Good Grammar Is Old Fashioned, Unnecessary and Bad for Your Career | BNET.

So next time you write an e-mail or text message, or post an entry in your blog or a status update in FB, you better review your work first and make sure that it is not perfect.  Make typo errors here and there.  It’s good for you.  Beleive me.

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