Trip down memory lane: CBA “handshake” with AAP Employees Union

I have been scanning old photos over the past weekend as part of my self-imposed task to preserve those remaining remnants of our pre-digicam lives.  Frankly I got more than what I bargained for, realizing only now that we have piles and piles of those aging and fading photos.

One pair brought back of deluge of memories, both fond and not-so-fond.

AAP CBA Negotiations 2005

This pair of photos were taken on October 20, 2005.  I still remember the occasion very clearly.  I was then the Executive Director/General Manager of Automobile Association Philippines, and I was at the helm of management’s negotiating team for the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the AAP Employee’s Union.  That we were all smiles in the photo belies the fact that this singular occasion frozen in time was just the end of a long and arduous process with both sides seemingly irreconcilable in their respective positions in the discord.

Well, all is well that ends well so they way.  As for me, ’twas just another day at work.  I think I possibly even miss the intensity of those CBA negotiations.

On my side of the negotiation table were Atty. Nestro Mejia, Corporate Secretary and Legal Counsel of AAP, and Ms. Tet Dela Cerna, then AAP Finance and Accounting Manager.

On the other side were the officers of the AAP Employees Union headed by their then President, Ms. Josie Cueto, and assisted by Atty. Diamonon, the President of the labor federation to which AAP’s union is affiliated.

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