Mickey’s ill-fated cousins

QUITE a number of mice made it really big, didn’t they? †There’s Mickey†of course, who, at close to 80 years old, is still lording it†over Disneyland. †His love interest, Minnie, is as famous and successful. †And then there’s Jerry, the luckier half of the blockbuster†‘Tom and Jerry’ show.

Among the more recent mouse success stories are Remy, the culinarily-gifted lad of a rat of the ‘Ratatouille’ fame, and the cool Roddy St. James of another of my favorites, ‘Flushed Away.’

But then not all mice who made a bid at stardom made it. †After all, not all mice are created equal. †Click on the image to meet some of ’em who didn’t quite make it.

Image and Slideshow Credit: www.pcworld.com
Image and Slideshow Credit: www.pcworld.com

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