Creepy Creatures Reunite on a Blue Full Moon

A blue Full Moon

A BLUE MOON is special because it happens very rarely.† I have come to use it to describe my encounters with some dear old friends particularly my adopted siblings, the Boys and Girls of P. Campa.

A FULL MOON, at least according to folklore, is special to the creatures of the netherworld.† It is usually associated with spooky encounters.

A BLUE FULL MOON (or a FULL BLUE MOON if you prefer) happens even much more rarely and as such you are to expect the creepiest creatures to† come out together.† This is what occurred on January 12.

So rare is this particular BLUE FULL MOON that creepy creatures came from distant places all over the world to get reunited with their own kind here in the Philippines.† In my recollection, the last BLUE FULL MOON† happened at least 16 years ago.


Photos courtesy of Claret Rivero.

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