‘Happy New Year’ from my naughty friends

happy_new_yearI RECEIVED about a dozen naughty ‘Happy New Year’ greetings via SMS from some of my closest pals. †Unfortunately most of them are too obscene to post in this blog so I had to do a tedious screening and censorship process that reached up to two and a half days (which gives me a convenient excuse for publishing my New Year blog entries just now ;-> ).

At the end of the screening and filtering process I ended up with only two. †Here they are:



Starting January 1, may you be as handsome as your mother thinks, as rich as your child believes, and may you have as many women as your wife suspects! ;->


I wish that you may have…

the courage of David,

the meekness of Joseph,

the faithfulness of Moses,

the obedience of Abraham,

the wisdom of Solomon,

and the penis of Goliath!

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