Am I a text addict?

IN MY BLOG ENTRY the other day I wondered about how many text messages are sent in the Philippines every single day.†† The daily average is 600 million, which translates to about 12 text messages per cellphone user per day.

My curiosity again got the better of me, as it always does, so I went ahead to actually count the number of text messages I sent each day in the past five working days. Here is what I came up with:

  • †Monday (Sept 1): 40
  • Tuesday (Sept 2): 26
  • Wednesday (Sept 3): 20
  • Thursday (Sept 4): 23
  • Friday (Sept 5): 25

    I average 27 text messages per day.† That’s more than twice the national average. †Should I be worried?

    But wait! †There are some caveats to this informal statistical sampling of my own daily texting habit.

    First, I am using a cellphone unit with a QWERTY keypad so typing my text messages is relatively easier than using cellphones with regular keypads.† I also am not too fond of abbreviating.† Consequently, most of my text messages are more than 160 characters long (fyi 160 characters = 1 text message).† Conservatively estimating my text messages to be 1.3 messages long, my daily average should then be 35.

    Second, I also have a second company-issued cellphone unit & mobile number though I very sparingly use it (you may guess why). Still it should easily add 1 text message to my daily average, making it 36.

    Wow!† Thirty six text messages per day!† That’s three times the national average!† And that’s even computed on the conservative side.† Now I think I should be worried. #

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