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In keeping with the many ecology-related events and activities that are an offshoot of the recent Earth Day celebrations, I would like to allot some time (and space on my Blog) to encourage my friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to support Greenpeace in the Philippines.

Possibly not known to many people yet, Greenpeace, the organization known for its vigilance and hard-line stance against anything and anyone considered anti-environment, has set up an office in the Philippines a little over a year ago. To know more about Greenpeace, visit

The local organization has since started initiatives to promote environmental awareness across the country and has taken clear & strong positions on several high profile ecology-related issues in the country in recent months.

It has also set into motion an ingenious fund raising campaign to generate funds to support the organization’s activities in the country & across the globe.

When I learned about Greenpeace’s local presence I made plans to join the organization & lend it my time & some skills as an active volunteer. These have remained as plans still. I have not given up on myself for this, however, and I am hoping that one day soon I will muster enough will to commit myself to the organization’s cause.

Nevertheless I have taken a lilliputian step to support the organization by participating in its fund raising program. Every month a small amount (it’s too small it embarrasses me to even mention it) is automatically charged to my credit card in favor of Greenpeace.

I believe there are many people who are armchair ecologists like me. We believe in the cause, that’s for sure. We may even feel strongly about it. But apparently not strong enough to spring us into action. We contribute in our own small ways by not littering, by not letting the water run while we brush our teeth, by taking a shower with a friend, and so on. Well and good.

But we stop at that and watch passively as big businesses, sometimes even governments, destroy our environment wide scale and widespread.

We may be too timid. Or too busy. Or too distracted by our daily worries and concerns (like the escalating prices of rice, gas, and everything else).

Okay let us leave the doing part to those who are brave, passionate, committed. At least in the meantime as we are building up our own momentum we can support Greenpeace like what I’ve been doing for about a year now — by contributing a small sum every month. At least one of my friends, Ms. Trina Moll, who went to Singapore for greener pastures, is also doing this already.

It is so easy and convenient to do. Just fill up a form. It won’t take five minutes. Or maybe it will. But that’s all the effort it takes. Your credit card provider will do the rest of the work for you month after month until you decide to stop contributing (But why should you?).

In exchange you will be given a “Greenpeace Supporter” ID. And you will get regular email bulletins from the local Greenpeace staff. And a periodic magazine (printed on recycled paper, of course) will be sent to you by post.

It’s money well spent if you realize where it goes. As a bonus you even get to indicate in your resume that you are a Greenpeace Supporter. That has a very nice ring to it, don’t you think? And I’m sure prospective employers will agree.

Oh by the way, as a bragging right you may also claim to be in the same advocacy group as supermodel Amanda Griffin and many other celebrities who have taken the cause as their own. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind you dropping their names every once in a while. #

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