My Current Book Line Up and the Six New Books in my Shopping List

Bong, the book junkie

I can’t buy a new book yet. Not for the next six months perhaps, and for a good reason. I still have a waist-high pile of unread books!


I am currently reading Leadership by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani. I bought it at a bargain price of only P200 from Power Books some time last year at the same time that I bought iCon (biographical book about Steve Jobs). I’ve finished reading iCon a month or two ago.


And then just before 2007 ended I got myself several new books from Doulos, the floating library which dropped anchor in Manila for the last time in December. With the great bargains and the sentimentality of bidding goodbye forever to the great ship, who can blame me for hoarding three basket-ful of books? Among my prized finds in Doulos are the books about Michael Dell and WalMart. I also found two hard-to-find adventure books. First is Ark Fever, a non-fiction, which tells the story of one man’s quest to find the remnants of Noah’s Ark in the mountains of Ararat. The second adventure is a classic non-fiction, The Greatest Adventure. I finished Ark Fever early this year. I hope to get started with the other book after I finish Guiliani’s Leadership.


My growing pile of yet-to-read books gathering dust under my study table do not and cannot stop me from looking around for new ones. That’s how bad my being a book junkie has become. In fact, right now I have already identified the next six books to buy as soon as the opportunities present themselves. Here they are:


  1. Oxymoronica by Mardy Grothe; Harper Resource; 2004

  2. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Luiz

  3. Speed Reading for Professionals by H. Bernard Wechsler and Arthur H. Bell

  4. Millionaires Next Door by Thomas Stanley

  5. The Cities Book, a journey through the best cities in the world; Lonely Planet

  6. WordPress for Dummies

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