Orange or Yellow?

Is it just me or the building in the photo is really painted yellow and not orange?
orange hotel
I snapped a photo of this apartelle-building along Sucat road (somewhere Multinational Village and SM Sucat) in Parañaque City.

A closer look will show that the building’s name is ORANGE APARTELLE (encircled in red in the photo).

That is what got my attention.

I guess it is perfectly okay to name a building ORANGE even if it is not painted orange. I mean an unpainted building or one that is painted with normal – make that neutral – colors like white, gray, beige, or even cream or brown can be named ORANGE without inviting controversy. But BRIGHT YELLOW for a building named ORANGE? Unless of course if its some sort of a gimmick to draw attention to itself. Perhaps that explains it.

Then again, maybe I’m the only one who thinks that the building is painted orange but in reality it is really painted yellow. Is it?

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Metal Sculpture Depicting History of Philippine Logistics

2-photo (7)
THIS METAL sculpture rightfully belongs to a museum. It was made by one of Philippines’ national artists (note to self: find out who exactly is the national artist who did this masterpiece). It also depicts and symbolizes the beginnings and the history of the country’s logistics industry, a sector instrumental in the advancements of the country’s commerce and trade.

In the meantime his artistic masterpiece hangs by the wall in the staircase of the headquarters of Delbros Group in Parañaque City.

Lost Steps

These pair-less slippers were collected by paid hands while cleaning the mountain of debris washed ashore in a beach in Batangas during a recent typhoon.

Some of the pair-less slippers are well worn. Some are even damaged already. But quite a few seem to be new and slightly used. They are mostly, if not all, kids’ slippers.

I could not help but wonder about the previous owners of these slippers. Where are they? How did they get to lose one of their slippers?

The biggest lechon I’ve ever seen!

HOLY COW! No, it is actually a pig and not a cow.
giant lechon 2 giant lechon 1
Whoa! That’s a big one, isn’t it?

I was amazed when I saw it in a friend’s Facebook update. At first I really thought it was a small cow. But a closer look revealed that it is, in fact, a big pig.

Roasted pigs or lechon are commonly medium-sized. And then of course, there’s the premium lechon de leche or roasted young pig. But huge roasted pigs are virtually unheard of.

Photos courtesy of Liezel Gerada, who celebrated her birthday at London beach (somewhere in or near GenSan in Mindanao) in November with this huge roasted pig as one of her handa.

The meanest and funniest prank

THIS IS a very mean prank. I couldn’t help but feel bad for the people targeted by this prank. At the same time I was rolling on the floor laughing all throughout the duration of the video clip. I guess, I’m bad. But so are you, I bet. :D

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